Our Mission

HOURRYA Company strives to maintain the highest standards of work, improve the business, financial and management aspects and increase the company’s revenue by opening new markets in the neighbouring countries with support of our diversified experience and competitive advantage.

Our vision

is to create a company with active presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf area.


The company has always adopted a policy of transparency, integrity and strict adherence to the rules of governance and all related laws and regulations.

Since its inception, Hourrya has been a prestigious leader amongst construction companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is accredited to its distinctive work force that possesses great experience and immense competence.

The company assets include various heavy and light machinery and professional building equipment. Additionally, we create well-formulated strategies that are executed with precision and expertise. These qualities guarantee the company’s growth and prosperity.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the leadership team, managers, employees of the company and to express my appreciation to the Board of Directors for their guidance that has contributed to our accomplishments as an entity. I would also like to thank all the shareholders for their ongoing support towards achieving further growth in the future.


Horizontal Directional Drilling


Our HDD teams are highly experienced and have successfully executed various drilling jobs in telecom, electrical, water and oil projects. We have worked with many types of soil, pipes, material in different countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Fleet

Ditch Witch JT100 (45t)
Ditch Witch JT100 (45t)
Ditch Witch JT100 (45t)
 Goodeng 180-L (19.5t) x 2
Goodeng 180-L (19.5t) x 2

Horizontal Directional Drilling Projects

Construction Management Projects

Infrastructural and Road Works Projects

Earth Works Projects

Pipeline Projects

Civil Work Projects

MEP Works Projects

Sand Stabilizer Projects

  1. Dust control
  2. Pipeline berms stabilization
  3. Sand mitigation
  4. Slope protection
  5. Skid road construction
  6. Asphalt road subgrade stabilizationcluding